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Vienna Women's First Team: Contact & Information

General information on First Vienna FC 1894’s Women's football section

First Vienna FC 1894, the oldest football club in Austria, is the first Bundesliga club to found a Women's team in 1989. The entire team of the already existing club KSV der Wiener Berufsschulen with the coach Dipl.-Päd. Christine Hainzl was taken over. In 1997, Vienna’s Women's team was dissolved and registered with the FC Hellas Kagran.

In autumn 2011, First Vienna FC 1894 was reactivated under the direction of Dipl.-Päd. Christine Hainzl with 2 teams (U15s and U11s). During the 2011/12 season, these teams played numerous successful friendlies. In the following 2012/12 season, the newly formed Women's team, consisting of U15 players and several newcomers, achieved the championship title in Vienna's 1. Klasse A, the fourth-highest division in Austrian Women's football. Consequently, the club got promoted to the Wiener Landesliga.

In the 2017/18 season, with 2 victories against Langenrohr (3-1 and 3-0) the Women's first team achieved the championship title in the Wiener Landesliga and promoted to the 2. Liga Ost/Süd. Furthermore, the Women’s team won the Wiener Frauencup in the same season. In the 2018/19 season, our Women's team reached the remarkable 4th place among 12 teams. From 2019/20, all Bundesliga teams had to establish a second team that competes in the newly founded Future League. This results in a single-track 2nd league nationwide with no division into West and East. Our Women’s first team play in this 2nd league with the medium-term goal: promotion to the 1st Bundesliga.

Contact information:

Women's Sports Director: Nina Burger

E-Mail: burger@1894.at

ADMIRAL Frauen Bundesliga

1 SKN St. Pölten Frauen 17 +44 45
2 First Vienna FC Frauen 17 +19 37
3 SCR Altach / FFC Vorderland 17 +24 37
4 SK Sturm Graz 17 +9 32
5 FK Austria Wien 17 +21 28
6 USV Neulengbach 17 +4 22
7 SPG FC Lustenau / FC Dornbirn 17 -17 15
8 SPG Kleinmünchen / BW Linz 17 -10 14
9 FC Bergheim 17 -35 12
10 FC Wacker Innsbruck 17 -59 4