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The story of Naturarena Hohe Warte: Modernization and European Cup

New grandstand construction

The ravages of time were gnawing at the yellow and blue stadium. Above all, the aging wooden stands were causing those great concern because of their rotten posts. When the capacity of the grandstand and the entire facility had to be reduced several times in the early 1960s, a comprehensive renovation of the Hohe Warte became unavoidable. In the years that followed, ambitious construction plans kept making the rounds at Klabundgasse 11 - for a short time there was talk of building a multifunctional sports center - finally the considerations became more concrete in 1971 with the construction of a modern covered concrete grandstand for 4500 visitors. As a result of the club's financial turbulence, completion was delayed by several years, meaning that Vienna fans were not allowed to sit on the new, comfortable seats until the start of the 1975/76 championship.

You can find further information in Alexander Juraske’s book „Blau-Gelb ist mein Herz“