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Resilient, authentic, family-focused – now more than ever!

20. March 2020 | Club all news >

Dear Vienna family!

We were not prepared for this counter. Nobody was prepared for this insidious and malicious attack. The world wasn’t, society wasn’t, sport wasn’t, and we weren’t.

COVID-19, widely known as corona, is presenting us all with an extraordinary challenge, the extent of which we cannot yet definitively estimate. We can worry that the virus will continue to spread. We can hope – and do everything in our power to ensure – that the situation will improve in the medium-term thanks to the measures implemented by the federal government. We certainly have to acknowledge the fact that corona is impacting all of our lives – and will continue to do so for a length of time that is unforeseeable at the present moment.

The ball is no longer rolling. The domestic leagues and European competitions have been suspended for the time being. On Tuesday, the European Championship was postponed until 2021. On Wednesday, the Austrian Bundesliga opted to postpone the season until the beginning of May and extend it until the end of June.
Naturally, we would all like to finish what has been such a successful season for us. But that is not our decision to make. That decision will be made by the federal government in consultation with the responsible health experts based on the development of the virus.

What does this mean for us and every individual?

We don’t know exactly. What we do know is that we’re strictly abiding by the guidelines in Austria and that we, as First Vienna Football Club 1894, are 100% behind these measures.

We have survived several crises in our 125-year history. Only three years ago, the club found itself in an existential crisis. That obviously does not compare with the current situation, but we still managed to overcome it. That gives us strength, courage and confidence that we can overcome the current predicament too. Together. As a team. As a Vienna family. As proud citizens of this country.

This crisis is unprecedented.

Our founding fathers devised the following motto in 1894: “United we stand for victory.” There’s a lot of truth in that sentence. Even today.

If we all stick together as a team and work together, then we will overcome this unique challenge. I’m convinced of that!

The aim for all of us is to emerge from this crisis in good health. That’s the most important thing!
Thank you for actively supporting the protective measures. I’ve seen on social media how committed and original you have been in making your contributions and how positively you’re dealing with this exceptional situation.
Naturally, we’ve also thought about how our club can overcome this crisis. We’re already thinking about the time thereafter, have simulated a broad range of financial scenarios, and I can assure you that we’re making every effort to ensure that all your jobs are safe. Here and there we will require your help and your support. In such cases, we will get in contact with you in a timely manner.

Resilient, authentic, family-focused – our values are more valid today than ever before. They say crises have their own laws. Every crisis is an opportunity. I share that view. As overwhelming as the opponent seems, as brutal as corona has been, there’s one thing the virus can’t take from us: our passion and our willingness to be there for one another. Our unflinching desire and our fighting spirit to do everything in our power to ensure we emerge from this battle on the winning side.

For me too, the last few days have been a timely reminder. A reminder to enjoy the precious things we have on this planet, a reminder to treasure those around us – our fellow people, our friends, our family. Look after yourself and your loved ones.

Hopefully see you soon – on behalf of the whole Executive Board